How to Create the Best Pantry for Your Kitchen 

Building a clean and organized pantry might be simply what you need if you feel like your kitchen does not have enough storage. One of the most “wanted” features for home buyers is having a nice pantry.  

It can be a bit challenging to have an organized kitchen, especially if you’re a busy person. Thus, it’s always ideal to take time and have an organization system that works ideally for you and your loved ones. 

It does not matter how big your kitchen is. Without dedicated places for items and organization, it’s easy for it to become cluttered.  

Today, we’re going to share with you some tips on how to create an ideal pantry for your kitchen. If you want your pantry to be perfect, don’t hesitate to hire a handyman Honolulu professional for help. 

Various Types of Pantries 

Not every house has a designated pantry space. However, this does not mean that you cannot get creative and build a pantry that looks like it was original to your home. 

Here are a couple of pantry types to consider: 

  • Book Shelf 

If you want a DIY project, consider converting a bookshelf into a pantry. You can personalize it to complement your kitchen by adding paint, cabinet doors, or trim. 

  • Corridor Pantry 

Add shelves built into the wall to convert your hallway to a pantry. This method can create a sense of organization and design in a space when properly done. 

  • Convert One of Your Cabinets 

If you don’t have additional space in the kitchen to add a pantry, try to convert a cabinet. This is one of the ideal methods to tuck away your pantry. You can also create organized and accessible access to your food by adding a slide-out drawer to your cabinet.  

  • Under the Stairs 

There’s a space under most staircases that most homeowners don’t use. If you make the renovation to add open shelving or doors here, you can create the ideal pantry space without taking away from any other space in the kitchen. 

  • Convert Your Coat Closet 

If you’ve got a closet space near the kitchen area that you aren’t using, it can be the ideal space for your panty. Adding organization and custom shelving will transform your old closet.  

Barn Door vs Swing Door 

Doors are typically things that’s ignored when doing a couple of renovations to a house. However, the use and style of the door to the pantry could be extremely crucial. Make sure you utilize every single inch of unused space in the pantry to optimize storage.  

Having a swing door enables you to get additional storage to the back of the cabinet door. This might include spice racks, mop and broom hangers, dispensers for grocery bags, hanging shelves, and more.  

On the other hand, having a barn door that slides open would stop you from getting a door that takes up space when you open it. Barn doors could give a stylish look and improve the design of your kitchen. 

If you don’t know how to install these cabinet doors, don’t worry. You can always hire a handyman for help.